2017.11.11  Website update
A new, TEST version of this website is available online test.lepidoptera.eu
Before you'll start browsing new pages - please read what's new.
Because new website has been written practically from scratch, it's possible that some aspects are not working properly and that these malfunctions have not yet been discovered and rectified. I envisage a transition period during which both the new and the old versions of the website will be available. Consequently, if you have a problem with the new version, you can still go back to the old one.
The most important things are briefly set out below:
  1. The beta-testing phase is scheduled to end on 31 December 2017.
  2. Website updates will be available only for the new website.
  3. The passwords from the "old" website don't work on the new one. In order to log into the new website you have to generate a new password using the "Forgotten your password?" option on the login page.
  4. Records entered into the new website will be deleted once the testing phase has ended, so please treat the new record module as a test version only. All the records from the old website will be imported to the new one when testing has ended.
  5. Only two language versions (Polish and English) will be available until the end of the testing phase. Further language versions will become available once they have been updated – after January 2018.
If you come across any problems with the new website, please notify the administrator using the contact form.

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