29.2.2016  W E B S I T E   U P D A T E
Due to the extremely high number of uploaded images I've had to change the browsing and adding images process. As a result you have probably got the greatest website update in history ;-)

To avoid the ever lengthening queue of waiting images, I've got rid of more images than usual. In most cases the problem was bad picture quality or non-adherce to the bad cropping rules. Please read these as described in FAQ, also try to be more confident in your abilities to identify the species you send. At this moment I’ve reduced the queue of waiting images from almost 3000 to 200 ;-)

During this website update I've added added quite a lot unidentified images. If you're more experienced in identifying butterflies and moths – please help me with their identification.

In parallel to the addition of images I'm making some database changes, please let me know if you notice any problems with the website after the update or if any of the elements work differently than before.

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